Benefits of Saratoga Skylights

During the 16th century it was very common for large estate homes to have a conservatory as part of the main building. All the walls and ceiling would be constructed of glass in an effort to provide sunlight to (primarily) citrus plants at all times of day. Perhaps the conservatory was the origin for the […]

Saratoga Skylights: More Than Just a Window in the Ceiling

If you are building or renovating a house, you want it to be as efficient as possible in every respect. You need to consider which materials to use for your walls and roof, what kind of flooring to use and where you will get your energy from.Another choice you will have to make is which […]

Saratoga Skylights

The importance of daylight has led to the development of┬áSaratoga skylights. Skylights are windows or glass covered openings in your home that allows for the penetration of daylight into your space. For a┬áSaratoga green home, having a skylight is extremely important in order to provide internal lighting without using electricity. They are often covered with […]

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